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By Chuck Brod

The average Musky Fisherman has a sixteen to eighteen foot boat with a fifty to hundred and fifty horsepower motor. Next to his outboard motor is an electric motor with enough pounds of thrust to water ski two small children. On the front of his boat is another remote controlled, laser guided, bottom tracking, auto pilot electric motor large enough to chop up six to eight inch floating logs into toothpicks. Next to this motor is a LCR locator with its multi-directional transducer attached to the bottom of his electric motor reading in all directions including straight up to detect flocks of feeding seagulls. His boat will have two bass chairs to sit in while fishing which are more comfortable than any chair in his home, in which his wife sits while waiting for him to come home from fishing. Seated behind the leather-covered steering wheel looking at the console he will have a speedometer, tachometer, in dash locator, air and water temperature gauge, and compass. You will also find an AM/FM Stereo Radio with a built in FM Marine radio and an array of switches for other various toys in the boat equaling the number of switches found in the space shuttle. On top of the console is another Graph/Locator with built-in GPS capabilities not to mention a bracket to hold his cellular phone. Looking into his rod box we will see at least eight rod/reel combos all set up with various fishing lines from store string to the new multi-woven gelded polyethylene no stretch super braided lines. In his four tackle boxes he will have one hundred and twenty eight baits of which he will only use two. The live well will be long enough to hold a sixty-inch fish but will be used primarily for keeping musky suckers alive. This Fishing Machine will be towed around on top of a trailer with a power winch, carpeted bottom and side bunks, air brakes and chrome wheels. It will be towed behind a four-wheel drive Suburban, Tahoe, Explorer, Sierra or Expedition. The total value of this fishing package will run approximately $77,479.60 all to catch a Musky. Now I ask you, what do Musky Fishermen do with a Musky after they catch one? They get out their $350.00 camera, take a picture, then throw it back in the water.

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