Here's a few useful tips for your consideration.

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1.  Did you leave the drag and cast controls tightened down on your fishing reels the last time you used them. If you did loosen them up , this will give you a lot smoother drag when you go to use them on your next fishing trip.

2.  Now is a good time to check over your electric trolling motor for water in the lower unit. Be sure the motor is at room temperature, now tip the motor upside down, if their is any water in the lower unit it will run out of the head. Fishing line wrapped around the prop normally is the cause of the water seals failing.

3.  Is your baitcaster reel stacking line on one side of the spool? This is caused by the pawl wearing, it must be replaced, if it is not, you will damage your level wind system causing you a lot to repair later when the reel stops working.

4.  Have you recently switched to one of the new super braid lines and then started noticing your drag slipping. It may be that the drag is not the problem. Most often the line is actually slipping on the spool. One of the properties of this new line is that it is very slick and does not stick to the bottom of the spool. To solve the problem just put a small piece of black tape on the spool before you wind on the line. The line will then stick to the tape preventing it from slipping.

5.  Does your bow mount electric fishing motor run partly out of the water at times. In most brands this can be corrected by installing a longer shaft on your motor.